Hot papers in geosciences 2006-08

Data provided by Thomson Scientific from its Essential Science Indicators, 1 January 1998–29 February 2008

June 26, 2008

 PaperAuthor(s), Journal Citations
1The community climate system model version 3 (CCSM3)W.%u2009D. Collins, C.%u2009M. Bitz, M.%u2009L. Blackmon, G.%u2009B. Bonan, C.%u2009S. Bretherton, J.%u2009A. Carton, P. Chang, S.%u2009C. Doney, J.%u2009J. Hack, T.%u2009B. Henderson, J.%u2009T. Kiehl, W.%u2009G. Large, D.%u2009S. McKenna, B.%u2009D. Santer and R.%u2009D Smith Journal of Climate 19 (11): 2122-2143, 1 June 200697
2Changes in the velocity structure of the Greenland ice sheetE. Rignot and P. Kanagaratnam Science 311 (5763): 986-990, 17 February 200682
3Warming and earlier spring increase Western US forest wildfire activityA.%u2009L. Westerling, H.%u2009G. Hidalgo, D.%u2009R. Cayan and T.%u2009W. Swetnam Science 313 (5789): 940-943, 18 August 200668
4The formulation and atmospheric simulation of the community atmosphere model version 3 (CAM3)W.%u2009D. Collins, P.%u2009J. Rasch, B.%u2009A. Boville, J.%u2009J. Hack, J.%u2009R. McCaa, D.%u2009L. Williamson, B.%u2009P. Briegleb, C.%u2009M. Bitz, S.%u2009J. Lin and M.%u2009H. Zhang Journal of Climate 19 (11): 2144-2161, 1 June 200662
5Climate-carbon cycle feedback analysis: Results from the (C4MIP) Model IntercomparisonP. Friedlingstein, P. Cox, R. Betts, L. Bopp, W. von Bloh, V. Brovkin, P. Cadule, S. Doney, M. Eby, I. Fung, G. Bala. J. John, C. Jones, F. Joos, T. Kato, M. Kawamiya, W. Knorr, K. Lindsay, H.%u2009D. Matthews, T. Raddatz, P. Rayner, C. Reick, E. Roeckner, K.%u2009G. Schnitzler, R. Schnur, K. Strassmann, A.%u2009J. Weaver, C. Yoshikawa and N. Zeng Journal of Climate 19 (14): 3337-3353, July 200659
6Crystallization thermometers for zircon and rutileE.%u2009B. Watson, D.%u2009A. Wark and J.%u2009B. Thomas Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 151 (4): 413-433, April 200651
7Uncertainty estimates in regional and global observed temperature changes: A new data set from 1850P. Brohan. J.%u2009J. Kennedy, I. Harris, S.%u2009F.%u2009B. Tett and P.%u2009D. Jones Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres 111 (D12): art. no. D12106, 24 June 200643
8Global temperature changeJ. Hansen, M. Sato, R. Ruedy, K. Lo, D.%u2009W. Lea, M. Medina-Elizade PNAS–Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 103 (39): 14288-14293, 26 September 200640
9A new Greenland ice core chronology for the last glacial terminationS.%u2009O. Rasmussen, K.%u2009K. Andersen, A.%u2009M. Svensson, J.%u2009P. Steffensen, B.%u2009M. Vinther, H.%u2009B. Clausen, M.%u2009L. Siggaard-Andersen, S.%u2009J. Johnsen, L.%u2009B. Larsen, D. Dahl-Jensen, M. Bigler, R. Rothlisberger, H. Fischer, K. Goto-Azuma, M.%u2009E. Hansson and U. Ruth Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres 111 (D6): art. no. D06102, 21 March 200637
10Heating and weakening of faults during earthquake slipJ.%u2009R. Rice Journal of Geophysical Research – Solid Earth 111 (B5): art. no. B05311, 24 May 200633
The data above were extracted from Thomson Scientific’s Essential Science Indicators database. This database, currently covering the period January 1998 to February 2008, surveys only journal articles (original research reports and review articles) indexed by Thomson Scientific. Articles are assigned to a category based on the journals in which they were published and Thomson Scientific’s journal-to-category field definition scheme. Both articles tabulated and citation counts to those articles are for the period indicated. Hot Papers are limited to those articles published in the last two years. A paper is selected as a hot paper if it meets a citation frequency threshold determined for its field and bi-monthly group. Citation frequency distributions are compiled for each field and cohort. Thresholds are set by finding the closest citation count that would select the top fraction of papers in each field and period. The fraction is set to retrieve about 0.1 per cent of papers. For more information on Thomson Scientific’s Essential Science Indicators, see Also see:

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