'Helpful' QAA report

十二月 24, 1999

According to you (THES, 10 December) we are "in hot water" following receipt of our Quality Assurance Agency audit report. Rather than waxing indignant about comments regarding our association with Edinburgh College of Art (a separate HEI) and that with Limerick (involving non-honours degrees in one subject area only), I would prefer to outline our perception of the report.

In fact, the QAA undertook a successful audit, conducted 19 meetings involving over 150 staff and students and made an in-depth assessment of the university. The report concludes by commending us for good practice in nine important areas and recommending a change in one area, that being the aforementioned Limerick association. As is normal practice, it also lists items for consideration over the next year.

We are not unhappy with the report. The audit team undertook its task in a professional manner and produced an outcome that was reflective and fair. It is hardly fashionable to commend the QAA, but we found its report helpful in furthering the high standards and quality at this university.

Keith Cornwell

Director of quality

Heriot-Watt University



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