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十一月 9, 2001

Teachers' hours should be cut
Teachers should spend less time in the classroom, a report by government-appointed consultants PriceWaterhouseCoopers suggests. It is recommended that average teaching time be restricted to 22.5 hours a week. The leaked report will appease teaching unions, which have threatened industrial action if hours are not cut from an average of 50 to 35 a week, including teaching, marking and administration. ( Times , Daily Telegraph , Financial Times , Independent , Guardian )

Students crack bank PIN codes
Two Cambridge students have designed a computer program that can hack into bank security codes. Michael Bond and Richard Clayton told BBC's Newsnight that they would be posting their findings on the internet. ( Independent , Financial Times , Guardian )

Planet's prospects look less rocky
The risk of a catastrophic collision between Earth and an asteroid is less than previously believed, according to new analysis by researchers of the Sloan Sky Survey at Princeton University. There is now a one in 5,000 chance that the Earth will collide with a space rock before the start of the 22nd century. While that may seem a remote possibility, it is four times higher than the risk of dying in a plane crash. (Financial Times , Daily Telegraph )

Flood plain homes on shaky ground
The Institution of Civil Engineers has warned that people living in flood plains may have to abandon their homes permanently to avoid flooding. The Environment Agency, which is responsible for flood warnings, said 2million homes were at risk of flooding, and that a further 340,000 would be built on flood plains in the next two decades. ( Times )

Men sadder when their wives work
Researchers have confirmed what women have believed for years: behind every happy man there is a devoted wife or girlfriend. In a study of 10,000 middle-aged workers, Stephen Stansfield of the Department of Psychiatry at Queen Mary, University of London, found that in situations where women returned to work, depression rates in men increased. ( Daily Telegraph )

Dogs eat 1m mobile phones...
About 10 million mobile phones have been broken after being dropped out of a pocket or bag, about 8 million lost and 7 million stolen in recent years, a Mori poll suggested. A further 1 million have been eaten by owners' dogs. ( Guardian )

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