EP Briefing 2002-06-10: Research and Training on nuclear energy (amendments - consultation)

六月 6, 2002

Strasbourg, 05 June 2002

Konstantinos ALYSSANDRAKIS (EUL/NGL, GR) will be presenting a non-binding draft motion for a resolution on a programme for research and training with regard to nuclear energy.

The reporter thinks that the Commission proposal is well balanced. Amendments relate to:

Fusion technology and a European site for ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor);

JET (Joint European Torus). Facilities should be phased out progressively according to the schedule for ITER

Waste characterisation and waste packages.

The future needs of old reactors.

Report on the proposal and on the amended proposal for a Council decision adopting a specific programme 2002-2006 (Euratom) for research and training on nuclear energy
(COM(2001) 9 - C5-0333/2001 + COM(2002) 43 - C5-0215/2002- 2001/0125(CNS))
Doc.: A5-0209/2002 [may not be available yet]

Procedure: Consultation procedure
Debate: 11.06.200

European Parliament Briefing 2002-06-10

http://www.europarl.eu.int/home/default _en.htm



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