En route to Lisbon: second session of symposium - Luxembourg, 9-10 November

十月 17, 2006

Brussels, 16 October 2006

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Economics and Foreign Trade of Luxembourg, the Central Service of Statistics and Economical Studies (STATEC), the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor (CRP Henri Tudor) and the Observatory of Economic Competitiveness are organising their second Luxembourgish symposium on the topic of knowledge economy in a European perspective called "En route to Lisbon" - Luxembourg 2006.

As announced in October 2004, during the first Luxembourgish symposium "En route to Lisbon", as well as during the recent events organised by Statec, the Observatory of Economic Competitiveness and the CRP Henri Tudor, a second edition of the symposium will be held next 9th and 10th November 2006.

The relaunch of the Lisbon strategy in March 2005, under the Luxembourg presidency, raised numerous questions about the elements of the making of a knowledge society, the coherence of the policies involved, the expected results and the difficulties of its implementation.

Among the topics retained we find e.g.: education and lifelong learning, innovation, research and development, information technologies and communication, entrepreneurship, knowledge management, productivity, social coherence and employment.

The symposium's objective is to be an open forum, a meeting place for researchers and decision-makers where scientific analyses are compared, as well as a place of discussion and proposals. Many Luxemburgish and European speakers are heading the lectures. A round table, focussing on the steering of the project for innovation and full-employment will gather relevant strategic actors.

Reference made to requests and suggestions expressed, this 2nd edition will resume the topics covered in 2004 in addition to those, the following panels on innovation, research and development, ICT, productivity, education and lifelong learning, entrepreneurship, business environment, social coherence, employment, environmental technologies…. will be addressed. A special focus will be given to competitiveness and maintain. The symposium will be open to all and to all methodological approach. Numerous Luxemburgish and speakers from all over Europe, researchers, academics, members of public administrations and international organisations have contributed in 2004 to the different panels and round tables. It is the intention of the organisation committee to broaden the diversity of the this year's speakers.

The symposium will also present the results of the studies and analyses carried out in Luxembourg in terms of international studies by OECD, Eurostat European Commission.


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