Defining future of automotive research

十月 31, 2006

Brussels, 30 October 2006

CLEPA (the European Association of Automotive Suppliers) will launch its Strategic Research Agenda, entitled 'The Future of Automotive Research', in Brussels on 8 November.

The CLEPA Strategic Research Agenda brings together the knowledge and experience of the world's most prominent automotive supply companies and forms an industrial view of the research and development requirements needed to maintain a competitive industry over the next 20 years.

This document focuses on four priority areas for action:

- to improve the mobility of people and goods, by reducing congestion through technological advances and better infrastructures;

- to rely on sustainable energy sources, in order to limit energy consumption and pollution through the development of energy-efficient vehicles;

- to promote safety and security, to avoid accidents, road fatalities and security risks;

- to utilise materials, designs, processing and manufacturing to render the vehicle more environmentally friendly through the reduction of weight.

This event offers EU policy makers the opportunity to engage in dialogue with leaders from the automotive supply industry, with a view to launching a joint action plan, which will boost and maintain EU innovation and competitiveness.

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