Call for tenders: Impact of GALILEO on road transport (link)

十月 6, 2003

Brussels, 03 Oct 2003


The objective of this study is to provide quantitative estimates as regards the impact of GALILEO on road transport and - in particular - the contribution of the GALILEO-based road transport applications in meeting the objectives of the Common Transport Policy.

This study should analyse the potential applications of GALILEO in road transport, covering both passenger and freight transport, with year 2020 as a time horizon. Particular emphasis should be given to Intelligent Transport Systems based on satellite navigation. The impact of each type of application on travel times and costs, safety, the environment, congestion and the efficiency of the transport system in general should be investigated.

The study should identify potential technological, commercial or other risks and obstacles for the wide introduction of GALILEO-based services in road transport. Policy measures that can influence the number or the impact of GALILEO applications for road transport should be also investigated.


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Energy and Transport DG
Item source: http:/// nsport/galileo/partners/private_calls_en .htm



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