Brand claims he was censored

十一月 15, 1996

The Edinburgh University lecturer suspended following his comments on paedophilia has accused the university of censorship by cutting him off from departmental Internet and email.

Psychology lecturer Chris Brand is facing disciplinary charges for having brought the university into disrepute.

A statement from the university said its senior officers had gone out of their way to defend the concept of academic freedom within the law, and to support the rights of academic staff to speak about and openly publish the results of their research, even where this might offend sections of the community.

"The university can, however, have no truck with the condoning of paedophile acts which transgress laws designed to protect the interests of minors," it said.

But Mr Brand described the university management as "absolutely pathetic and idiotic". He stressed that he was not urging a change in the law, and said his critics did not understand moral philosophy if they claimed he thought paedophilia was not wrong.

He has been suspended from teaching and administration on the grounds of gross misconduct, and the university says it is taking professional advice and will take whatever action is necessary "as a matter of urgency".



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