Agenda of the 310th Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Research Committee (CREST), 6 October 2006

九月 20, 2006

Brussels, 19 Sep 2006

Full text of Document 3065/06

Chairman: Mr Richard ESCRITT; European Commission (Director; DG Research)

1. Adoption of the Draft Agenda

2. Approval of the Draft Summary Conclusions of the 309th meeting of 5/6 July 2006
- Doc. 1205/06 CREST

3. Information from the Presidency and the Commission
* Presidency
* Commission

4. 3% and Open Method of Co-ordination

* Preparation of the mutual learning based on the National Reform Programmes and the 2006 Progress Reports

* Follow up of the discussion on the Impact of Globalisation on R&D policies;

* Topics for the 3rd cycle of the OMC 3%:
a) State of play of the CREST Policy Mix Expert Group

b) Decision on further topics

* Presentation and exchange of views on the implementation report on Mobility of Researchers and Career development

5. Exchange of views on the launch of the website on information of research policies (ERAWATCH)

6. Discussion on the Framework Communication on Innovation "Putting knowledge into practice: A broad-based innovation strategy for the EU" - COM(2006) 502

7. Agenda for the next meeting (Monday/Tuesday 13/14 November 2006, Brussels)

8. Any Other Business

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