007 laws of physics are pure fantasy

十二月 22, 2006

Physics professor Metin Tolan of Dormund University is taking a professional interest in the film Casino Royale - because he conducts scientific analyses of the Bond movies.

Professor Tolan's fascination with the films was sparked a decade ago by GoldenEye when he watched Agent 007 on a motorcycle chasing a small aircraft without a driver.

When both vehicles plummeted off a cliff and James Bond jumped into the plane's cockpit, Professor Tolan wondered if such a stunt were possible. It took him two days to discover the answer.

"James Bond would have had to have been 14 times more streamlined than the plane - that is actually impossible," he concluded.

Ever since, Professor Tolan has been analysing the technical stunts in the Bond classics. He has held 50 lectures on the subject nationwide and has admitted to having watched each Bond film at least five times.

His students apparently pay more attention when he incorporates Bond analyses - using examples from the films - into his lectures. Some even honoured him with a 007 poster in which his face replaced Bond.

But Professor Tolan denies being a James Bond kind of character. "I'm more the worrier kind."



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