Generating energy from biogas

Red meat processing facilities, feedlots and piggeries generate large quantities of organic wastes. However, this waste can actually become fuel to power such facilities. 

Biogas technologies currently deliver energy savings of up to $1 million a year and reduce carbon emissions of 90% for large red meat processors. However, existing biogas installations at these plants have varied success and performance efficiency. As a result, USQ researchers are currently investigating approaches to optimise the amount of biogas produced from abattoir waste water. Results have indicated that a further 30% increase in biogas production can be gained from proper management of waste streams and operation of digesters.

It is worth noting that the average site produces 8.5 kilolitres of wastewater per tonne of Hot Carcase Weight and sends 5.9 kilograms per tonne of Hot Standard Carcase Weight to landfill. 

USQ research will further drive profitability and reduce environmental impact across Australia’s red meat sector through the development of enhanced waste management process and technologies. 

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