University of Cape Town

UCT: a knowledge hub in the global south 

At the southern gateway to Africa, the University of Cape Town’s leading-edge research contributes to global knowledge, produces local solutions to pervasive challenges and brings an African voice to the world stage. 

UCT plays a vital role in connecting institutions in the global north with innovative research opportunities across the continent. Our long-standing relationships with top international institutions and strong networks across Africa provide opportunities for students and researchers to connect with one another, creating truly global research opportunities. 

UCT stands at the confluence of three major ocean systems and lies under the southern skies, in the world’s most diverse floral kingdom and in a country with one of the most unequal populations. This geographic vantage point makes the university a significant destination for researching questions that are important to South Africa, the continent and the world. 

Our research answers local needs and challenges that face the world while stretching the possibilities of innovation. We are committed to integrating world-class education and curiosity-driven research with sustainable development that has direct impact. 

Graduates and researchers from across the world are invited to join us in conducting research that solves some of the world’s most pressing problems.