Semmelweis University

Research, development, and innovation at Semmelweis University are most prominent in the fields of living natural sciences. Special emphasis is on medical, dental, pharmaceutical and health sciences, while social science research is emerging in the fields of mental health sciences. As the pace of scientific research has accelerated, Semmelweis University has quickly adapted to the changing social and economic demands, and takes active part in creating new processes. Semmelweis University’s vision is rooted in its power to innovate: to turn great ideas into products and services that will bring growth to the economy and prosperity to society. 

The most prominent fields of research are Cardiology, Oncology, Brain Research, Neurosciences, Molecular and Translational Medicine, with an emerging focus in Artificial Intelligence, Imaging, Bionics, Big Data, Translational Biotechnology, and Regenerative Medicine.

Responding to COVID-19, the university have made full-scale contribution to patient care and research. Coronavirus related research at the university focused on the mechanism of viral infection, more efficient diagnostic techniques, new therapeutic options and device development.