Learning Labs

Higher education professionals and students across the UK are being encouraged to ‘check in’ with themselves mentally, using a new digital tool, Learning Labs Plus, for managing personal and institution-wide mental wellness by ed-tech specialist eQuality Solutions (eQS).

With over half the UK student population reporting their mental wellbeing has declined as a result of COVID-19 (Office for National Statistics, December 2020), disability and mental wellness specialist Learning Labs has launched a nation-wide campaign, called ‘check in with yourself,’ which encourages the sector to check their mental wellness regularly.

Learning Labs carried out research in partnership with the New Economics Foundation (NEF), producing their new mental wellness management concept, known as the Six Domains of Mental WellnessTM, which explains there are six key areas of influence that can impact a person’s overall mental wellbeing. By assessing each of the domains using Learning Labs’ new digital tool, an individual can reveal an instant visual snapshot of their current mental wellness status.

The digital tool, known as Learning Labs Plus, includes e-learning content on understanding each of the Six Domains of Mental WellnessTM, a short set of digital questionnaires to assess a user’s mental wellness and a library of ‘Action Labs’ to develop and maintain mental wellness. For higher education providers there is an oversight dashboard to access anonymised total student and staff population data.

Head to www.learninglabs.co./checkinwithyourself to try checking in yourself and to access a free trial of Learning Labs Plus.

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