Khalifa University

Khalifa University is creating a culture of R&D excellence in the UAE, developing new scientific insights and technologies, and building the human capital required to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

Our focus sectors are Clean and Renewable Energy, Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production, Water and Environment, Health, Aerospace, and Supply Chain and Logistics. Research in these sectors is enhanced by our research platforms of Robotics, AI and Data Science, Information and Communication Technologies, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing and Security.

We pursue collaborative, interdisciplinary and use-inspired research through our leading research centers, which address regional and global challenges in a systematic and targeted manner via engagement of world-class researchers and facilities, and through our three flagship research institutes - the Masdar Institute, the Petroleum Institute, and the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Institute – which serve as interdisciplinary research units focused on long-term strategic priorities. 

Virtually all KU faculty are engaged in important research activities. With a research strategy focused on cross-sector collaborations and bridging the gap between the inventive potential of our students and the technology needs of the UAE and wider world, Khalifa University is truly at the cutting-edge of development in critical 21st century challenges.