Covenant University

Research at Covenant University

Mission: A Citadel of Knowledge, Spirituality, Leadership and Mental Development

Research is central to the twin missions of Nigeria’s Covenant University to offer solutions to society’s big problems and to be a leading, global educational institution. These ambitions are intimately linked and the innovations that have grown from them have benefited the health, economy and political processes of the country as well as bringing increasing prominence to CU.

The University's Centre for Research, Innovation and Discovery leads in disciplines that promise significant advances for society, such as bioinformatics, while at the same time it is growing capacity in scholarship, community development and industrial relevance.

The unique funding arrangements of the institution ensure its long-term commitment to the welfare of society. The University is near a self-sustainable status, from research grants and industry endowments. A good and recent instance is a $6-million dollar grant that the University won from the World Bank for research on Applied Informatics and Communication. 

Projects are chiefly targeted towards solving global problems of food security, climate change, waste management, electronic governance and business, as well as poverty eradication. Although these are “big picture” challenges, there is a local aspect to each issue, which provides relevance and impetus.