十一月 1, 1996

UNIVERSITY OF READING (continued) Research contracts

Professor D. Bassett, Pounds ,642 from New Energy & Industrial Technology (fundamental studies on crystallisation of polymer with emphasis on the embryonic chain ordering and its effect on higher-order structure); Professor R. Flanagan, Pounds 57,500 from the Further Education Funding Council (value for money study and good practice guide on contracting-out of estate-related services and facilities management in further education colleges); Dr V. Wright, Pounds 22,500 from Statoil and Pounds 22,500 from Lasmo (Statoil/Lasmo International Ltd - sponsorship agreement) (lower Ordovician carbonates); Professor J. Mann, Pounds 42,000 from Yamanouchi Research Institute (synthetic organic chemistry); Professor T. Clements-Croome, Pounds 20,000 from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (centre of the built environment); Dr M. Lewis, Pounds ,000 from Aplin & Barrett Ltd (extension of shelf-life of pasteurised milk);

Professor F. McKenna, Pounds 147,1 from Automobile Association (men and women car drivers - their role in key accident factors); Dr D. Mason, Pounds 94,994 from the British National Space Centre (inter-tidal elevation models using satellite data); Professor G. Sullivan, Pounds 37,548 from the Defence Research Agency (extraction and analysis of 3D object motion); Ms N. Garnett, Pounds 168,115 from the Department of the Environment (cost-ownership through integrated logistic support for construction); Professor G. Fisher, Pounds 125,082 from the Department of the Environment (clients project definition tool); Mr C. Guy and Dr J. Miles Pounds 80,120 from the Department for Trade and Industry (teaching company scheme); Dr R. Davies and Mr J. Brennan, Pounds 152,960 from the DTI (teaching company scheme); Professor C. Chaplin, Pounds 29,316 from the Health and Safety Executive (degradation of galvanised wire ropes); Dr G. Jeronomidis, Pounds 41,664 from the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (tree improvement based on ligninal engineering); Dr A. Errington, Pounds 39,280 from MAFF (estimation of gross margin and net margin data); Dr J. Ames, Pounds 72,592 from MAFF (link agro-food quality - cooked potato aroma and texture);

Professor L. Harwood, Pounds 38,775 from NSC Technologies (synthetic approaches to unnatural amino acid derivatives); Dr S. Henson, Pounds 26,000 from the National Radiological Protection Board (cost benefit analysis of options available to MAFF for release of restricted areas in England and Wales); Professor C. McCann, Pounds 44,800 from the National Rivers Authority (chalk porosity and fissure storage); Professor C. Garforth, Pounds 85,000 from the Natural Resources Institute (support for the Institute of Natural Resources for Institutional Development - Republic of South Africa); Professor J. Keatinge, Pounds 229,190 from the Overseas Development Administration (hillsides systems programme - adaptability of cover crops); Professor I. Gordon, Pounds 43,000 from the Department of Transport (forecasting employment in London and the South-east); Mr G. Pearce, Pounds 29,000 from Sun Microsystems Ltd (multi-disciplinary IT resourcing); Professor P. Whitehead, Pounds 73,500 from Thames Water Utilities Ltd (environmental impact studies on the River Kennet);

Dr J. Bignell, Pounds 135,167 from the British Academy (BBC Wednesday Play research fellowship); Mr K. Hutchinson, Pounds 26,200 from the British Council (building procurement link training, training awards and institutional links programme - Poland); Professor G. Jeronomidis, Pounds 21,000 from Unilever Research (cement link project); Professor R. Burch, Pounds 39,895 from Air Products & Chemical Inc (selective hydrogenation of unsaturated nitriles); Professor D. Beever, Pounds 21,480 from Ajinomoto Co.Inc (examination of effect of supplementary enzymes to diet on the utilisation of nutrients by lactating dairy cows); Dr P. Hadley, Pounds 34,181 from the Biscuit, Cake, Chocolate, Confectionery Alliance (international cocoa germplasm and database); Drs M. Wilkinson, A. Culham and P. Hadley, Pounds 23,491 from the Biscuit, Cake, Chocolate, Confectionery Alliance (genetic fingerprinting of cocoa and germplasm);

Dr P. Hadley, Pounds 37,754 from the Biscuit, Cake, Chocolate, Confectionery Alliance (international cocoa germplasm database); Dr S. Walker, Pounds 34,006 from the British Library (children's use and understanding of CD-Rom); Dr R. Davies and Mr J. Brennan, Pounds 152,960 from the DTI and EA Technology (teaching company scheme); Dr R. Esslemont, Pounds 148,031 from MAFF (investigation of the incidence, treatment strategies and financial implications of mastitis in organic and conventionally managed UK dairy herds); Dr S. Carruthers, Pounds 53,498 from MAFF (extension to organic herbage legume intercroping); Mr G. Dugdale, Pounds 62,300 from the National Engineering Services Pakistan (floor protection project);

Dr E. Owen, Pounds 147,030 from the Natural Resources Institute (husbandry strategies for improving sustainable utilisation of forages to increase profitable milk production from cows and goats on smallholder farms in Tanzania); Professor P. Mosley, Pounds 69,319 from the Overseas Development Administration (study of the impact of overseas aid on the private sector of developing and transitional economics).

Research grants

Dr A. McCaffery, Pounds 34,200 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (maternal inheritance of phase in desert locust); Dr P. Sharkey and Professor K. Warwick, Pounds 136,899 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (large scale real-time multi-user virtual reality); Professor C. McCann, Dr. T. Astin and Mr M. Price (Pounds 163,341 from the EPSRC (scaling of laboratory acoustic relationships to reservoir scale seismic frequencies); Dr C. Morton, Pounds 140,485 from the Natural Environment Research Council (taxonomy advanced fellowship);

Professor A. O'Neill, Pounds 31,590 from NERC (European centre for medium-range weather forecasts to the British atmospheric data centre); Dr K. Shine, Pounds 132,844 from NERC (relationship between radiative forcing and climate response); Professor A. Thorpe, Pounds 95,000 from NERC (joint centre for mesoscale meteorology - fourth year); Professor M. Coleman, Pounds 175,607 from NERC (controls on chemical compositions of basinal brines); Dr A. Basu, Pounds 86,590 from the Economic and Social Research Council (South Asian entrepreneurship in Britain - determinants and dynamics); Professor G. Megson, Pounds 116,317 from EPSRC (systolic and regular array composition environment); Professor M. Baines, Pounds 141,260 from EPSRC (multi dimensional upwinding and grid adaptation for conservation laws at the ICFD); Dr N. Nichols, Pounds 35,298 from EPSRC (use of periodic systems in robust controller design);

Dr B. Evans, Pounds 73,444 from EPSRC (regular array of nanometre sized magnetic particles and its role in thin film magneto electronic devices); Professor G. Fisher, Pounds 119,112 from EPSRC (clients' project definition tool); Dr J. Wann, Pounds 245,230 from EPSRC (level of detail in interactive 3D environments to enable effective database traversal); Professors K. Browning and A. Thorpe, Pounds 108,257 from NERC (deep tropopause folding and its relationship to severe weather); Dr D. Marshall, Pounds 51,125 from NERC (semigeostrophic modelling of Gulf Stream); Professor P. Valdes, Pounds 105,025 from NERC (modelling climatic change during the last glacial/interglacial cycle); Professor P. Gregory, Pounds 30,000 from NERC (agroforestry modelling and coordination); Professor P. Caligari, Pounds 107,500 from the BBSRC (advanced research fellowship award) and Pounds 124,988 from the BBSRC (development and exploitation of a novel high efficiency transformation technique for UK crop species); Dr C. Cook and Mr K. Bright, Pounds 164,188 from the EPSRC (lighting for the visually impaired in a non-uniformly lit office environment) to be continued



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