Events and ideas: 1900-2000

十二月 24, 1999


1901 Queen Victoria dies

1914 First world war breaks out

1917 October revolution in Russia leads to communism

1919 Treaty of Versailles brings peace between Germany and the Allies

1929 Stock market crash heralds worldwide depression

1933 Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany

1939 Second world war begins

1945 First atom bomb is dropped on Hiroshima; second world war ends (above right)

1957 European Economic Community established

1961 Berlin Wall built

1962 Pope John XXIII modernises the church at Second Vatican Council

1963 American president John F Kennedy assassinated in Dallas Texas

1969 Neil Armstrong lands on the moon (above, right)

1989 The Berlin Wall is demolished


1900 Sigmund Freud publishes psychoanalytic landmark The Interpretation of Dreams

1903 Wright Brothers invent the aeroplane (left)

1907 Artist Pablo Picasso breaks with tradition in Les Demoiselles d'Avignon

1916 Albert Einstein formulates general theory of relativity

1950 British mathematician Alan Turing writes"Can Machines Think?"

1962 Francis Crick and JD Watson receive Nobel prize for discovery of DNA structure

1991 Tim Berners-Lee invents the worldwide web



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