Daily TV & radio guide - Wednesday

十一月 15, 2000

(All times pm unless stated.)

Natural Design – Robocritters (8.00 am, repeated 11.00 am, 2.00, 5.00, 8.00 BBC Knowledge). How robot designers are learning from the natural world.
Meridian: The Copland Years
(9.05 am, repeated 7.05 pm World Service). Leonard Slatkin continues.
Do Animals … Love or Hate?
(10.50 am BBC Knowledge, repeated 1.50, 4.50, 7.50, 10.50).
Turning the Tide
(11.00 R4). A series about individuals and communities adapting to changing environmental attitudes begins with a Suffolk farmer converting to organic production.
Choral Evensong
(4.00 R3) comes from the chapel at King's College, Cambridge.
Thinking Allowed
(4.00 R4). Laurie Taylor's guests this week include Tim O'Shea, talking about plans for a British e-university.
Tomorrow's World in Venice
(7.00 BBC1). Technology in a sinking city.
The Money Programme
(7.30 BBC2). On the lottery.
Mongolian Wild Horses
(7.30 C5). An American scientist's attempt to reintroduce the Przewalski horse to the Gobi Desert.
New Killer Diseases
(8.00 C5). Has the "golden age" of virus prevention come to an end? Julius Weinburg of City University's Public Health Laboratory Centre and others on the risks in a world of Aids and Ebola.
(8.00 C4). "Dramatic real-life cases" mixed with scientific info about how poisons affect the body.
Inspector Morse
(8.30 ITV). The final case for the detective who has persisted in uncovering (fictional) murder in Oxford colleges, while also boosting the city's tourist trade.
State of the Planet – Is There a Crisis?
(9.10 BBC1). David Attenborough starts a three-parter laying out the current thinking on human impact on the natural world, with a survey of what's known and isn't known about the diversity of life forms, and the importance of "keystone species". With contributions from biodiversity enthusiast Edward O. Wilson, Robert May (who is also one of the series advisers), Terry Erwin, marine biologist Sylvia Earle and others.
Laboratories of Power
(9.00 R4). About the World Health Organisation and its scientists' ability to make a difference.
Rebel Yell
(10.00 R2). More about protest song, including the British folk revival of the 1950s and 1960s.
Savage Planet
(10.30 ITV). Mudslides, hurricanes, etc.

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