Conferences 18 March 2005 index page

三月 18, 2005


Conferences, Issue No. 2
Published in The Times Higher
on 18 March 2005


'Why is the conference market still expanding even in the cash-strapped world of universities'

Bad trip?

Overseas conferences may be economically important to the host countries, but are they also environmentally irresponsible?

Mules in the crown  
How three clones helped to kick off the AAAS conference last year

Location, location, location  
Wily organisers have preparation down to a fine art

Ideas that take the biscuit  
Universities need to offer something special and cater to some very strange tastes to attract the big spenders

When it comes to the crunch  
If you want to keep costs down, forget the freebies - it's quality speakers that delegates are interested in

A bang not a whimper  
Set your career alight by organising a conference, but be careful not to get your fingers burnt in the process

Confession of a paper virgin  
Doctoral candidate Cynthia Patterson's diary of preparing and giving her first paper at a major humanities event, from proposal to presentation

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