Laurie Taylor Column

三月 10, 2006

From: The Departmental Secretary (Maureen)

To: All students
Subject: Industrial Action

As you may know, university lecturers are taking industrial action in pursuance of their pay claim. Although we are assured by the vice-chancellor that the university will continue to function in what he describes as "its usual manner", I thought it might minimise uncertainty if I listed the current "action intentions" of each member of this department.

Professor G. Lapping (AUT lapsed)

I am informed by Professor Lapping that industrial action is wholly incompatible with his new status as a "senior manager". He will, therefore, be carrying out all his examining and marking duties in the customary haphazard manner.

Dr D. Quintock (AUT)

Although seriously behind with his subs, Dr Quintock is still a member of the AUT but has reservations about its policy of not setting exams. He will, therefore, set a few exams but will not mark any unless asked to do so by someone in authority.

Mr Ted Odgers (Natfhe - formerly ASTMS)

During the last major strike of university staff, Mr Odgers was in charge of lighting and maintaining the brazier outside the Biology Block. Although a member of Natfhe, he regards its decision to set exams as a "total sell-out to the bosses". On the whole he favours a violent solution to the present conflict.

Dr Piercemuller (union affiliation unknown)

For what it is worth, Dr Piercemuller has indicated by e-mail that he fully supports the forthcoming industrial action and will resolutely refuse to cross any picket line that might be erected by AUT or Natfhe members outside his current research base in the Maldives.


As on previous occasions, Maureen will not join in the industrial action but will show solidarity by spending extra hours at work counselling students who have been deprived of either exams or marks.

I hope this clarifies the situation

La Lotta Continua !


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