We are not in denial

五月 25, 2007

There are no "climate-change deniers", and I challenge Bob Ward (Opinion, May 4) to name one. The many scientists, so blackballed, who spent decades studying - not denying - climate changes, simply point out that extensive measurements of recent and past climate show that CO2 is not the driver of world temperature or climate change claimed by global-warming orthodoxy.

Further, there is no evidence that recent changes in man's 4 per cent contribution to total two-way flow of a minor greenhouse gas (CO2) between the atmosphere and sea/land is unique or dangerous. Instead, overwhelming evidence shows that natural factors (solar activity and so on) drive climate. Ward and others, rather than face these inconvenient truths, propagate a false concept that in effect associates questioners of their creed "lurking" in universities with Holocaust denial and thereby intimidate scientists into silence through fear of attack, funding loss or Nuremberg-style climate courts.

Behind this assault on academic freedom, the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is engaged in a cover-up. Its "Summary for Policy-Makers" graphs CO2 levels since the end of the last ice age yet does not graph corresponding temperatures. The omitted graph shows that since the "climate optimum" 4,000 years ago, temperatures have fallen considerably while CO2 levels have risen.

Global-warming hysteria ominously rings of McCarthyism in the US and the measures against scientists used by Stalin and Hitler. In all these cases, official orthodoxy rallied endorsement from supine or ignorant scientists.

Unsurprisingly, the IPCC - a committee of government appointees, not independent scientists - "endorses" itself.JWard did not tell us about individuals such as Paul Reiter, the malaria expert who had to fight to remove his name from the IPCC when it published the opposite of his findings. Next time we hear alarmist climate warnings supposedly from "thousands of scientists", remember, 99 per cent of dentists recommend a well-known brand of toothpaste.

Piers Corbyn
WeatherAction long-range forecasters



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