Letter: goodwill talking

十二月 8, 2000

I was interested by Nina Lemmens's letter ( THES , December 1), in which she mentions the new strategy of the British Council in Germany and how this affects academic exchange programmes run in partnership with DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).

Lemmens is wrong to say that the academic exchange programme will be ended suddenly. I met the DAAD secretary-general in July and explained that the council will refocus its contribution to the scheme. Commitments to the joint project with DAAD will be honoured and some money set aside for future high-profile research in agreed key areas of mutual interest. We are also deploying resources in the promotion of science.

The discussion with DAAD is in its early stages, and it would perhaps be better not to guess at what the final DAAD/British Council agreement will contain. Suffice to say that there is enormous goodwill on both sides and a willingness to explore all the options.

Tony Andrews
Director, Germany
The British Council



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