How low can you go?

四月 7, 2011

As an independent scholar and a parent of three children, one of whom attends university, I was amazed to learn that the National Union of Students' Charter on Personal Tutors has pitched its expectations and demands so low ("'At least once a term', says NUS charter on tutorials", 31 March).

Are we really in a position where students have to demand one personal tutorial a term? Where are the personal tutors? Why are these academics not guiding their personal tutees on at least a weekly basis through the intricacies of academic choice and those relating to social well-being? Are their research publications of such momentous importance that they can pay such scant regard to their personal tutees?

To anyone outside the academy, the fact that such a minimal requirement has to be demanded by students is incomprehensible.

Jon Nixon, Cumbria



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