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十一月 17, 2011

In "Are radical journals selling out?" (3 November), Alastair Bonnett failed to mention one of the most popular and influential publications in the field - The Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies (JCEPS), which was launched in March 2003 by Dave Hill, its founding/chief editor.

JCEPS, which comes out twice a year, is one of the widest-read anglophone academic journals in the world: it has been downloaded 712,000 times since its launch. Each article can expect to be read by many thousands of people, and one has been downloaded more than ,000 times. But it costs nothing to read online - zilch, zero, nada. It is free to any reader, from the richest to the poorest, across the globe. In fact, the journal actually costs the founding editor around £1,000 a year to run.

From the upcoming issue this month, a print version of JCEPS is being produced for the first time (annual subscription €100/200 (individual/institution)). The (identical) online copy will remain free of charge.

JCEPS is a fully recognised, peer-reviewed scholarly journal that aims to develop Marxist and other Left analysis of policy, theory and practice for and in education. Have a read! Contributions and subscriptions welcome.

Dave Hill, professor/visiting professor of education at the universities of Middlesex, Limerick and Athens, founding/chief editor, JCEPS; Mike Cole, emeritus professor of education, Bishop Grosseteste University College; Peter McLaren, professor, University of Auckland; Ravi Kumar, South Asian University, New Delhi; Alpesh Maisuria, Anglia Ruskin University; Kostas Skordoulis, professor, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens; Spyros Themelis, Middlesex University



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