Corporate takeover

十一月 18, 2005

Winston Fletcher's review of Stewart Lansley and Andy Forrester's biography of fashion tycoon Philip Green ("Oodles of goodwill for a high-rolling gambler", November 11) omits mention of Green'sJsponsorship of the Arcadia Retail Academy at a cost of £1 million to himself and £25 million-plus to the taxpayer.

Elsewhere in the issue, Anthony Smith reviews Jennifer Washburn's University Inc , warning of the dangers of corporate takeover of US universities. And while Maria Misra (Working Knowledge) reflects "excessive stress on testing and exams has bred... a depressingly infantile" intake of Oxford University undergraduates, Gary Day (Opinion) comments on the "course in aversion therapy against books known as the literacy strategy". Both are products of a Government in thrall to big business and further consequences of the corporate takeover of education at all levels.

Patrick Ainley

Professor of training and education

Greenwich University

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