Top ten academic bestsellers: Blackwell Medical, Nottingham

六月 4, 2009

1 Disease Management: A Guide to Clinical Pharmacology, Second Edition by Michael Randall and Karen E. Neil

Pharmaceutical Press, £34.95

ISBN 9780853697671

2 Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, Fifth Edition by David Greenwood, Roger Finch, Peter Davey and Mark Wilcox

Oxford University Press, £33.00

ISBN 9780198570165

3 Medicine at a Glance edited by Patrick Davey

Wiley-Blackwell, £28.99

ISBN 9781405133937

4 The ECG Made Easy by John R. Hampton

Churchill Livingstone, £16.99

ISBN 9780443068171

5 Lecture Notes on General Surgery by Harold Ellis, Roy Calne and Christopher J. E. Watson

Blackwell, £21.99

ISBN 9781405139113

6 Human Histology, Third Edition by Alan Stevens and James S. Lowe

Mosby, £39.99

ISBN 9780323036634

7 Human Physiology: The Basis of Medicine, Third Edition by Gillian Pocock and Christopher D. Richards

Oxford University Press, £37.99

ISBN 9780198568780

8 Clinical Medicine, Sixth Edition by Parveen Kumar and Michael Clark

Elsevier, £46.99

ISBN 97807020635

9 Rang & Dale’s Pharmacology, Sixth Edition by Humphrey P. Rang, Maureen M. Dale, James M. Ritter and Rod J. Flower

Elsevier, £43.99

ISBN 9780443069116

10 Lecture Notes: Immunology, Fifth Edition by Ian Todd and Gavin Spickett

Wiley-Blackwell, £21.99

ISBN 9781405126625



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