Legal Traditions of the World: Sustainable Diversity in Law

十一月 4, 2010

Author: H. Patrick Glenn

Edition: Fourth

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Pages: 448

Price: £33.99

ISBN 9780199580804

Why would one recommend this book? Although the subtitle suggests an economics focus, it examines the approaches to law taken by seven legal traditions from different religions and philosophies. It is notoriously hard to be comparative in law, particularly if you are an English lawyer and steeped (or is that drowned?) in the common law tradition. As an interested bystander of comparative law, I find this text is learned (with amazing footnotes and a bibliography after almost every chapter) and very thought-provoking.

And it raises a good question for all of us, lawyers or not. Why should we assume that the only law to apply is a pro-Western, industrialised approach, let alone one based exclusively on common law? So read this book.



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