Education round-up

十一月 3, 2011

Too Much, Too Soon? Early Learning and the Erosion of Childhood

Editor: Richard House

Edition: First

Publisher: Hawthorn Press

Pages: 376

Price: £20.00

ISBN 9781907359026

Educators, researchers, policymakers, carers and parents contribute frank and topical proposals to address the dangers of early formal and cognitively based learning for children and in particular the impact of the Early Years Foundation Stage, which became law in 2008. They argue that the compulsory literacy targets are politically driven, imposed too young and ignore both research and children's development paths. The volume also proposes achievable ways to improve children's well-being.

Educational Life-Forms: Deleuzian Teaching and Learning Practice

Author: David R. Cole

Edition: First

Publisher: Sense

Pages: 152

Price: £65.00 and £35.00

ISBN 9789460916113 and 16106

David Cole seeks to apply Gilles Deleuze's philosophy to educational practice, and puts forward the notion of educational life-forms based on epiphanies, affect and "the virtual". His aim is to help teachers and students to view the current praxis of education with a critical eye. Examples show the potential to infuse educational processes with the philosophy of life.

Young People, Popular Culture and Education

Author: Chris Richards

Edition: First

Publisher: Continuum

Pages: 200

Price: £22.99

ISBN 9781847065445

Aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students in education studies and related courses, this text explores the inter-relationship between the fields of youth, popular culture and education and how those relationships have had an impact on teaching practice, particularly in schools. Chris Richards considers current issues including culture and youth, new research, race and representation, children and television, young adult fiction, popular music and young people's relationship to politics. This book is part of a series whose key feature is the critical exploration of education in a period of change, seen from the perspective of developments in wider social, cultural, political and economic contexts.

Multimedia in Education: Adaptive Learning and Testing

Authors: Irene Cheng, Lluis Vicent Safont, Anup Basu and Randy Goebel

Edition: First

Publisher: World Scientific

Pages: 188

Price: £36.00

ISBN 9789812837059

The authors consider numerous examples of multimedia item types for testing, outline the use of games to test physics concepts, consider designing chemistry item types with interactive graphics, study the use of culture-specific linguistics to help inner-city children and new immigrants learn, suggest approaches for automatically adjusting the difficulty level in interactive graphics-based questions, and propose strategies for giving partial marks for incorrect answers.

Effective Online Teaching: Foundations and Strategies for Student Success

Author: Tina Stavredes

Edition: First

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Pages: 288

Price: £26.99

ISBN 9780470578384

Aimed at the new instructors of those new to the increasingly widespread practice of online teaching, this book offers an understanding of the application of cognition and learning theory to an online learning environment. Through three approaches - behaviourist, constructivist and cognitive - it offers ways of incorporating this into teaching practice. Chapters contain revision and discussion questions, and a CD enables self-directed learning.

Education: The Basics

Author: Kay Wood

Edition: First

Publisher: Routledge/Taylor & Francis

Pages: 174

Price: £55.00 and £11.99

ISBN 9780415589543 and 89550

Intended as an introduction to education as an academic discipline for undergraduate students, Kay Wood's textbook covers both theoretical and practical aspects. Subjects covered include the schooling system, the nature of knowledge and methods of teaching. Within these frameworks, Wood analyses the viewpoints of both teachers and pupils, and seeks to answer key questions about what education is, what it is for, how people learn and the state of education around the world.

Teacher Leadership: The 'New' Foundations of Teacher Education - A Reader

Editor: Eleanor Blair Hilty

Edition: First

Publisher: Peter Lang

Pages: 296

Price: £32.50

ISBN 9781433112911

Drawing on the scholarship of more than 35 authors, this book aims to provide a comprehensive overview of teacher leadership, discussing the changing roles and responsibilities of teachers. Intended for undergraduate and postgraduate education students, it acknowledges the important role of teacher leadership in school reform.

Whole Child Education

Author: John P. Miller

Edition: First

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

Pages: 144

Price: £36.00 and £15.00

ISBN 9781442642607 and 611436

John Miller tries to avoid a narrow focus on the subject and seeks instead to foster relationships between different schools of thought, link body and mind, and understand the "inner life" of the child. He focuses on teaching, the curriculum, the school and teacher wellness. The intention is to consider three approaches - transmission, transaction and transformation - that create a connection with the whole student. The text offers practical examples from teachers who have used Miller's ideas in their classrooms.



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