First Impressions

一月 4, 2002

This week's competition, in which you have to identify a book from its opening sentence, is from a highly literate Goldsmith:

"It is often said that there are no working-classes in England now, that a 'bloodless revolution' has taken place which has so reduced social differences that already most of us inhabit an almost flat plain, the plain of the lower middle-to middle classes...."

The winner receives a £25 Blackwell's voucher and the closing date is January 8.

Entries, including postal address, should be sent to

First Impressions
Admiral House, 66-68 East Smithfield
London E1W 1BX

faxed to 020 7782 3300
or emailed to

The winner of last week's competition, who correctly identified Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol , is Liz Meerabeau from New Malden.

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