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五月 7, 2019

Features section

Our features are written by academics and university staff and also by our in-house team of specialist reporters. We look for lively essays about higher education and academic life. If you have an idea for a feature, please email a short summary of your proposal to THE.Submissions@timeshighereducation.com. We will also consider completed articles. 

The length of each feature is decided by the features editor. However, as a rough guide, our features are usually 1,800-2,500 words.

Opinion / blog section

Articles for our opinion section are written by academics, university staff, policymakers and other contributors. Opinion articles set out a concise argument on a topical issue related to higher education or academic life. Some appear online online, others also appear in print, too. This is decided on the basis of merit and timing. 

If you have an idea for an opinion article, please send your suggestion to THE.Submissions@timeshighereducation.com. Opinion articles are around 750 - 900 words long.

If your feature or opinion article is accepted for publication, we will work with you to edit it and you will have final approval of the copy.

Please note that we are a news magazine, not an academic journal. Opinion articles and features for the publication are written in a high-end magazine style – and we do not publish footnotes.

If you're looking for information about submitting content to THE Campus, you can find it here



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