Who got that job?

二月 2, 2007

Michael Willis, chemistry lecturer, Chemical Research Laboratory, department of chemistry, Oxford University. Job advertised in The Times Higher , June 16, 2006

After two weeks of unpacking and setting up equipment in Oxford, Michael Willis's research group has just celebrated creating the first chemical reactions in its new labs.

Eight PhD students and three postdocs have followed him from Bath University to Oxford, where he has taken up the post of chemistry lecturer.

Dr Willis said: "Chemistry at Oxford has a good reputation. I'd been at Bath for nine years, so it was a good time to change. In such a big department there is more opportunity to prove yourself against the other groups, and there are many more international visitors.

"I did the honest thing and told the group that I was taking the Oxford position. They all wanted to move with me, which was nice of them."

Dr Willis is a synthetic chemist specialising in the discovery of new reaction methods. For relaxation, he confesses to being "totally mad" about sport. He said: "There is currently a sprint triathlon on the agenda - swimming, cycling and running. Somehow I have to find time to do a minimum training of one discipline a week."

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