Specific Programmes implementing the 7th Framework Programme of the European Community and Euratom (Extract from: Preparation of the Competitiveness Council of Ministers, Brussels, 13 March 2006)

三月 13, 2006

Brussels, 10 March 2006

Proposal for a Regulation laying down the rules for the participation of undertakings, research centres and universities in actions under the 7th Framework Programme and for the dissemination of research results (2007-2013)

The Council will discuss the various legislative proposals on the table of the Council that provide further detail on the workings of the Seventh Framework Programme. The Specific Programmes put into effect the broad outline proposed by the Commission in April 2005, known as the Seventh Framework Programme, composed of 4 main elements: Co-operation, Ideas, People and Capacities as well as programmes governing Euratom and the Joint Research Centre.

The rules of participation are the detailed instructions on how the programme will be managed, and how the relationship between the Commission and the project participants will be governed. This proposal is a major, though not the only element of the commission’s efforts to make the programme more straightforward for its participants.

The Council will be giving its views on both sets of documents, in the light of the Partial General Approach to FP7 agreed in December 2005. Specific elements for discussion will be the approach to ethics within the programme and the role of committees.

Discussions over Lunch on how the EU can encourage private investment in R&D

Esko Aho, Chairman of the group established by the Commission to examine how to boost the EU’s research and innovation performance will be a guest at the ministerial lunch, to discuss his group’s findings and discuss with Ministers how the EU can work better to encourage private investment in R&D. The Ministers will also have an informal discussion about the Commission’s recent proposal for a European Institute of Technology.

Item source: MEMO/06/117 Date: 10/03/2006

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