Research Commissioner Janez POTOCNIK: The Future of R&D as a factor for European Competitiveness, European Policy Centre dialogue

二月 3, 2005

Brussels, 2 February 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The day could not have been better chosen to discuss European Competitiveness and the future of R&D.

As you know, my fellow Commissioners and I have just this morning adopted our proposals to relaunch the Lisbon strategy.

The centre piece of our proposal is to establish a partnership for jobs and growth between the EU, Member States, and all actors at local and individual level, including the business sector.

The aim of this new partnership is to revitalise the European economy by jointly implementing actions in three areas:

  • actions to make Europe a more attractive place to invest and to work;
  • actions to leverage knowledge and innovation for growth; and
  • actions directly targeted at creating more and better jobs.


Full text

Item source: SPEECH/05/66 Date: 02/02/2005



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