Don's Diary

四月 2, 1999

Monday. Six days to go. Thirteen senior police officers from five northern constabularies and six academics will be meeting for a day of consultation on ethical leadership in the police service. Everything going according to plan. All that is required is to send to each copies of the form other delegates have completed giving a thumb-nail sketch of themselves and what they hope to get out of the day. Rest of day spent with three police officers completing PhDs. I am a member of their supervision team. They insist on buying me lunch at an Italian restaurant - a much more convivial atmosphere in which to discuss methodological issues surrounding research into policing.

Tuesday. The university PR department's press release about the ethics event results in various media agencies wanting more details - a journalist from Police Review and a BBC Radio Cleveland presenter ask if they can attend for the full day. Both willing to abide by Chatham House Rules.

Wednesday. At home all morning trying to complete a research report, but break off for a meeting at the university to organise publicity for the June launch of the centre. Protracted discussion about who to invite to perform the opening.

Thursday. A day of meetings, only one productive. Return home to find a leaking radiator has flooded a bedroom. Mopping up for most of the night.

Friday. Do interviews for BBC Radio Cleveland and Century Radio about tomorrow's event.

Saturday. Arrive at university at 8am to set up projector only to find I have been given the wrong key to the room. Waste 20 minutes finding porter with master key. Consultation a success. Mixture of practitioners and academics works well. Agree to have more days in which senior officers discuss resolutions to ethical and moral dilemmas away from pressures of the workplace. Agree to do telephone interview with BBC Radio Cleveland on Sunday morning.

Sunday. In car travelling away for a few days. Tune in radio to show to which I am contributing. Pull into layby at the appointed time. Use mobile phone to contact the producer and am told they will ring back in ten minutes. Drive on for five minutes and phone rings. Pull into farm track and down a dip, surrounded by hills. On air immediately. Just about to make primary point when start losing signal. The producer has to cut short the interview. Could I come back on to the show next Sunday?

Colin Dunnighan Director of the centre for police training and research, University of Teesside.

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