Corrigendum for the Finalised Text of the Cooperation Agreement on a Civil Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) - Galileo Between the European Community and Its Member States and the People's Rep

十月 23, 2003

Brussels, 22 Oct 2003

Full text of Document 13324/03 Corrigendum 01
Suite of documents 13324/03

Page CE/CN/en7 shall be replaced by the page attached hereto.


Scope of cooperation activities

1. The sectors for cooperative activities in satellite navigation and timing are: scientific research, industrial manufacturing, training, application, service and market development, trade, radio-spectrum issues, integrity issues, standardisation and certification and security. The Parties may adapt the list in paragraph 1 by decision by the Joint Steering Committee established under Article 14.

2. Extending cooperation, if requested by the Parties, to GALILEO Public Regulated Service, system security features (definition, management, use) and critical control features of the GALILEO global segment as well as exchange of classified GALILEO-information, would be subject to an appropriate separate agreement to be concluded between European Union and China.

3. This Agreement shall not affect the application of the Council Regulation (EC) No 876/2002 of 21 May 2002 setting up the GALILEO Joint Undertaking and the institutional structure established by it or any other Regulation or rule establishing a successor entity to the GALILEO Joint Undertaking. Nor does this Agreement affect the applicable laws, regulations and policies implementing non-proliferation commitments and export control for dual-use items and national domestic measures regarding security and controls of intangible transfers of technology.

Council Register



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