Commission launches consultation on Europe INNOVA

十月 26, 2006

Brussels, 25 October 2006

The European Commission has published a consultation on the new Europe INNOVA initiative - a pan-European innovation platform for start-ups in knowledge-intensive services.

The initiative is intended to create more efficient links between universities, entrepreneurship and finance through an incubation platform. It will build upon the firmer Gate2Growth programme.

Questions within the consultation include:

- Which actors are best suited to collect information about research-based service inventions? How can this type of information be best presented in the form of a database?

- Who should be the main target audience for dissemination actions?

- How many incubators are specialised in the support of start-ups in the field of services?

- How can the links between incubation and risk financing be improved?

- Are there market failures or information asymmetries that prevent innovative service companies from growing faster?

- How can specialised venture capitalists and seed financiers in service innovations be brought together?

For further information, please visit: http:/// ype=page&cid=6299&lg=en

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