Agenda of the COST JAF Group, 3-4 November 2004

九月 20, 2004

Brussels, 17 Sep 2004

Full text of Document 3262/04

1. Opening of the meeting

2. Adoption of the agenda

3. Approval of Summary of Conclusions of the previous meeting (COST 300/04)

4. Follow-up of action items fixed in the previous meeting

5. Report of the CSO President

6. Issues related to COST Actions: new Actions, extensions, participation of Institutes from non- COST countries etc.

7. Position of COST in the ERA

8. Status of FP7

9. COST DAY (30 November 2004)

10. COST synergy with: European Commission, ESF, EUREKA

11. Revised versions of Action-related documents (e.g. Guide for proposers, Shortening the lead- time of COST Actions, Vademecum, Frequently Asked Questions, etc.)

12. Review of the procedure for appointing JAF members

13. Information from the COST Office: progress report, proposal for an extended Commission/ESF contract until December 2005, mid-term review

14. Proposals from the COST Office: Proposal for coordinated promotional/publicity activities, COST Ethical Guidelines, Special support for Balkans and "near neighbours", Support for Action Web Sites, Extension of STSMs

15. Proposal on Biomaterials

16. Quality control in COST

17. COST Websites

18. Domain restructuring and domain review

19. Renewal of mandates of Technical Committees on Agriculture, Food Sciences and Biotechnology; Chemistry; Forests and Forestry Products; TIST; and Urban Civil Engineering

20. Meeting with TC Chairs on 12/13 July 2004

21. Future meetings

22. Any other business

NB. The JAF Group will meet in its new composition as agreed at the 159th meeting of the COST Committee of Senior Officials on /28 May 2004 (doc. COST 261/1/04 REV 1).

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