TV & radio guide - Monday

一月 29, 2001

Start the Week (9.00 am R4). Slovenian sociologist Slavoj Zizek is among Paxman's guests.
» Composer of the Week (9.00 am R3 and rest of week) is Monteverdi.
The Real Captain Bligh (11.00 am R4). The allegedly sadistic captain may not have been all that nasty, as this dramatised reading of extracts from Bligh's diary might show.
Afternoon Play - Victorian Marriage Beds (2.15 R4). Second of three drama-documentaries is about Bishop Edward Benson and his young bride Mary Sidgewick.
The Year 1901 (3.45 R4 and for rest of week). Robert Lacey examines life in Britain 100 years ago, with contributions from Paul Johnson (LSE), Gregory Anderson (Salford) and Alistair Durie (Glasgow).
Earth Story (7.10 BBC2, not Wales). "Journey to the Centre of the Earth": part four of Aubrey Manning's re-run series from 1998 looks inside the earth for "the engine that drives the dance of plate tectonics". Evidence comes from Iceland, the Baltic, western Scotland, the Hawaiian island of Kilauea, India's Deccan peninsula and from an experiment with syrup in Dan McKenzie's Cambridge laboratory.
The Darkness and the Light (8.00 R4). Second of two collages of voices from Victorian fact and fiction -readings from Florence Nightingale, Charles Dickens, Queen Victoria et al .
Last Days (8.00 BBC Knowledge). Documentary repeat from the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation, followed by the German-made docu-drama The Wannsee Conference (9.30 BBC Knowledge), then Reputations: Simon Wiesenthal (11.00).
The Search for Atlantis (8.00 C5). First of two programmes about the history of the Atlantis myth.
Universe (8.00 C4). "Big Bang". (repeat)
University Challenge (8.00 BBC2). Hull vs. Sheffield.
2020 Vision (8.05 World Service, repeated Tues 2.05 am, 3.05). Series about world disease begins with a survey of "the major health challenges of the next 20 years".
» Meet the Ancestors (8.30 BBC2). Featuring - like the previous day's Time Team - Roman burials; this time in Bath.
Blue Remembered Hills (9.00 UK Drama). Dennis Potter classic from 1979. More Potter from Tuesday with episodes one and two of his 1989 serial Blackeyes (9.00 UK Drama) - episodes three and four follow on Wednesday.
Journeys to the Bottom of the Sea (9.00 BBC2). A Cromwellian wreck in the Sound of Mull (repeat).
The Real Stephen Hawking (9.00 C4). The famous cosmologist profiled, with some familiar footage and new comments from his son Timothy, scientists Roger Penrose, Bernard Carr, John Gribbin and some Saatchi & Saatchi copywriters. (Meanwhile, BBC Knowledge is continuing to re-run Stephen Hawking's Universe on Wednesdays - see below).
» Night Waves   (9.30 R3). Featuring anthropologist Hugh Brody on his latest book, about the transition from hunter-gatherer to farmer.
Everyman: The Dangerous Adventures of Baroness Cox (10.35 BBC1, 11.05 in N. Ireland). The life peer investigates slave trading in the Sudan.

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