九月 1, 1995

UNIVERSITY OF EXETER. Research Contracts. Dr H Lappin-Scott, Pounds 3,169,000 from Oil Plus Limited (UMB Research Project year 4); Dr J Littlechild, Pounds 33,250 from Chiroscience plc (Lipases, esterases, nitrilases and haloperoxidases from hyperthermophiles - CASE studentship); Dr B Ridge, Pounds 376,810 from the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food (Bioavailability of food folates).

Research Grants

Dr C Caseldine, Pounds 3,154,800 from Natural Environment Research Council (AMS/Radiometric Radiocarbon Dating Allocation - analysis); Professor K E Evans, Pounds 118,730 from Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council for an advanced fellowship and Pounds 137,267 from the Defence Research Agency (Development of Auxetic Fibres); Dr M Macnair, and Professor K Bachmann, University of Amsterdam, Pounds 205,9 from NERC (Genetic Analysis of Serpentine Endemic Species in the Mimulus guttatus Complex); Dr B Webb and Professor D E Walling, Pounds 108,620 from NERC (Development and Application of Improved Procedures for Estimating River Loads); Dr A J Willmott and Dr M S Darby, Pounds 386,948 from NERC (Atmosphere, Ocean, Sea, Ice Interaction on Decadal Time Scales); Professor S Wren-Lewis, Pounds 380,220 from ESRC (Development of Compact, A Medium scale UK Econometric Model designed for Policy Analysis).


Dr D C Braund, Pounds 312,500 from Leverhulme Trust (nine-month research fellowship to conduct research on mapping the Black Sea); A Brooks, Pounds 38,360 from the Worshipful Company of Engineers (scholarship for Ms J Mann); Dr C Burgoyne, Department of Psychology, Pounds 34,968 from the Nuffield Foundation (Material and Non-Material Aspects of Reconstituted Relationships); T Copley, Pounds 320,000 from the Bible Society (Teaching the Bible); Dr M Donald, Pounds 314,330 from the Leverhulme Trust (Marxism in an Historical Context: A Reinterpretation - 12-month fellowship) and Pounds 32,751 from the Nuffield Foundation (Widows in 19th-Century England: a Case Study of Suburban Exeter); R P Edwards, Camborne School of Mines, Pounds 313,200 from the Camborne School of Mines Trust (Preliminary Investigation into Natural Colonisation and Succession by Woody Plants on Metalliferous Mine Wastes in Cornwall); Dr J Nichol, Pounds 129,331 from the Nuffield Foundation (Nuffield Primary History Project - phase 2).



Dr A R Hawkins Pounds 77,400 from the Wellcome Trust (structure function relationships within the bi-domain in QUTA transription activator protein); Professor E C Hormaeche, Pounds 219,137 from the Wellcome Trust (live salmonella vaccines as antigen delivery systems); Professor A W Craft, Pounds 100,000 from the Children's Foundation (implementation of a tandem mass spectrometer based screening programme); Dr N A Hoenich, Pounds 59,870 from the Medical Devices Agency (evaluation of dialyser equipment);

Professor D M Turnbull, Pounds 86,666 from the Wellcome Trust (the influence of age and activity on skeletal muscle mitochondria): Professor J B Harris, Pounds 75,733 from the Muscular Dystrophy Group of GB (central research servicing account); Professor S J Yeaman, Pounds 52,187 from the British Heart Foundation (possible role of AMP-activated protein kinase in cholesterol accumulation in macrophages): Dr E J Estlin, Pounds 71,350 from North of England Children's Cancer Research Fund (clinical and laboratory investigations with AG337, a non classical antifolate thymidylate synthase inhibitor, in children with relapsed leukaemia); Dr R Taylor, Pounds 79,870 from the British Diabetic Association (determination of the relative roles of a secondary messenger kinases the pathogenesis of NIDDM): Professor A H Calvert, Pounds 280,639 from North of England Cancer Research (stem cell treatment centre):

Research contracts

Professor A W G Walls, Pounds 132,071 from the Department of Health (a national dental health survey of people aged 65 or older); to be continued

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