十一月 18, 1994

ROYAL POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL SCHOOL. Research grants Dr J. R. F. Walters, Pounds 114,808 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (cellular control of the expression on enterocyte calcium transport proteins).

European funds Professor B. S. Griffin, Pounds 157,143 from the EC (role of the Epstein Barr virus in the development of nasopharyngeal carcinoma: serology molecular biology and therapy); Professor J. Polak, Pounds 357,143 from the EC (investigation and the neurovascular pathophysiology of Raynauds Phenomenon); Professor R. Frackowiak, Pounds 72,164 (research training project).

UNIVERSITY OF EXETER Charities Professor D. Burghes, Pounds 89,000 from the Gatsby Charitable Foundation (mathematical education in the UK and on the continent); Dr M. Duffy, Pounds 80,510 from the Leverhulme Trust (sources for maritime history in local archives of the UK); Dr C. Eiser and Professor J. Eiser, Pounds 67,860 from the Cancer Research Campaign (children's understanding of cancer); Professor D. Pereira Gray, Pounds 60,000 from the South West General Practitioners Trust (study of depression); Dr H. Radnor and Professor S. Ball (King's College, London) Pounds 73,015 from Rowntree (LEAs' accountability and control); Professor S. Roberts, Pounds 260,000 from Chiroscience Ltd via Exeter University Foundation (five-year professorship); Professor J. Tooke, Pounds 171,479 from the Wellcome Foundation (human microvascular function in diabetes and other insulin-deficient states); Professor J. Tooke and Dr. A. Shore, Pounds 50,577 from the Wellcome Trust (pharmacological and physiological responses of the skin microcirculation -- studentship); Dr K. Zhang, Pounds 63,630 from the Leverhulme Trust (the geomagnetic field and dynamics in the earth's liquid core).

Research contracts Dr H. Lappin-Scott, Pounds 52,000 from Oil Plus Ltd (control of reservoir scouring -- third year); Dr N. Davis, Pounds 80,000 from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (images for teaching education), Pounds 79,696 from TEED (brokerage for multimedia communications) and Pounds 52,706 from the Joint Information Systems Committee (multimedia teaching through JANET and ISDN); Dr S. Maskell, Pounds 80,428 from DRA (forecasting the Faeroes front -- extension); Professor R. Snowden and Dr N. Ford, Pounds 4,151 from Unipath Ltd (fertility awareness project); Dr N. Turner, Pounds 131,834 for a LINK programme with SERC/DTI/Genzyme Ltd (chemo-enzymatic synthesis of oligosaccharide glycoconjugates).

Research grants Dr N. Talbot, Pounds 148,794 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (characterisation of the pathogenicity gene MPGI from the rice blast fungus magnaporthe grisea); Professor K. Atkinson and Dr D. Mitchell, Pounds 154,873 from the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (the effects of time and crystal structure on metal binding during pollution control by industrial minerals); Dr W. Barnes, Pounds 100,534 from the EPSRC (optical properties of molecules by geometrical means); Drs M. Belmont and E. Morris, Pounds 1,745 from the EPSRC (a sensor for remote sea surface measurement); Drs I. Bulkley and G. Shea and Professor D. de Meza, Pounds 59,740 from the Economic and Social Research Council (stock market prices and the present discounted value of future dividends); Dr T. Chiu and Professor R. Wakeman, Pounds 191,258 from the EPSRC (numerical modelling of mud cake formation and fluid invasion during drilling); Drs J. Henshall and R. Hooper, Pounds 108,082 from EPSRC (a study of the surface fatigue of advanced engineering ceramics using the novel "soft" point contact method); Professor J. Inkson, Pounds 115,978 from EPSRC (the microscopic calculation of magnetic field effects in semiconductors); Dr R. Jones, Pounds 73,204 from the EPSRC (activation efficiency of C as P-type acceptor in GaAs and related compounds); Professor A. Legon, Pounds 73,500 from EPSRC (frozen intermediates in reactive gas mixtures).

to be continued

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