Letter: No winners in teaching turf war(2)

十二月 21, 2000

The ILT deserves support, not attack. Some of the AUT's concerns seem to reflect a lack of understanding. For example, group accreditation for all lecturers in a department that had passed a teaching quality assessment would not carry much weight, since the QAA is simply not designed to assess individuals' teaching ability.

Similarly, cheaper membership might well be possible if the ILT had more members, a reason for support, not criticism. The assessment procedure is already highly streamlined by comparison with other professional bodies.

The profession needs an independent self-governing voice standing up for the skills and values of learning and teaching. That is why Natfhe (and the Educational Institute for Scotland) continues strongly to support the ILT and why we encourage our members to stand for election to the ILT governing council - which can make any reforms ILT members want. The ILT may not be perfect, but it would be a lot stronger if it had the support it deserves.

Paul Mackney
General secretary, Natfhe



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