Campus webinar: How to make lifelong learning a strategic priority

Three lifelong learning experts from Campus+ partner institutions in Asia discuss how universities can embed a culture of continuous education beyond the traditional degree pathway



3 Apr 2024
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Join three lifelong learning experts from Campus+ partner institutions in Singapore and Macau as they talk about how universities can address the skills demands of the 21st century. The discussion includes working with industry, building agility and flexibility into course design, recruiting non-traditional students, and the role of government support in developing a culture of continuous education.

The webinar panellists are:

  • Aliana Leong, professor and dean in the School of Liberal Arts and associate vice-president for international affairs, Macau University of Science and Technology
  • Gary Pan, professor of accounting, associate dean of undergraduate admissions and student development, academic director of lifelong learning and academic director of industry practice master’s, Singapore Management University
  • Forest Tan, associate professor and assistant provost for continuous learning, Singapore Institute of Technology

All our speakers are from Campus+ partner institutions. Campus+ is a unique opportunity to become a contributing partner to the resources, tools and advice published on Campus.

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