Campus webinar: Student support and wellness strategies for a new term

Academics from Campus+ partner institutions discuss effective ways to support students’ mental health, well-being and more



3 Oct 2023
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As a new cohort of students arrives and logs on to your campuses, our panel of student mental health and student success experts will discuss ways that educators and administrators can meet the needs of your students. We’ll cover what challenges the incoming classes are facing and the problems that contribute to students’ poor mental health and provide strategies that have helped students remain engaged.

Helen Rowland
University of Southampton
Helen has delivered senior management advice and strategic direction in a variety of settings within the voluntary sector, further education and higher education. As associate director of student support at the University of Southampton, she oversees the 24/7 teams – providing disability and mental health support to students and taking responsibility for developing strategic partnerships with the NHS and the local community.

György Purebl
Semmelweis University
György is a professor, psychiatrist and psychotherapist. He is the leader of the Semmelweis University Outpatient Counselling Centre and the director of the Institute of Behavioural Sciences. His main interests are insomnia, competence development and brief psychological interventions.

Kevin Friese
University of Alberta
Kevin is the assistant dean of students, health and wellness at the University of Alberta. With more than 20 years’ experience in the field of health and wellness, Kevin leads a multidisciplinary team of health professionals that support a holistic approach to the well-being of students, their families, faculty and staff.

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