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Politics & Global Studies

Politics and Global Studies examines contentious contemporary political issues and the world order which has resulted, including but not limited to those post- 9/11. Many of these issues involve the United States and its post-Cold War relations with other nations through tendencies such as economic globalisation, the rise of a global culture through technological interconnection, the intersections of global/regional/local politics and the alleged ‘clash of civilisations‘ as well as concerns over energy security and environmental dislocation. These topics, and others, are set in firm historical and cultural contexts in order to provide you with a theoretical framework of knowledge with which to apply to the contemporary focus of the course. The United States is often seen to act as a global hegemony, ordering the contemporary global political environment but, increasingly, subject to a variety of challenges whether from nation-states at a global or regional level, or from ‘forces’ such as environmental change, religious fundamentalism, or energy and resource scarcity amongst others. As a result, the programme deals with the United States in some depth; however, this is not its sole focus, either geographically or in a political context. Some modules which look at the US’ place in the world order do so from the perspective of Europe and other nations enmeshed in the international system. This focus is set against the competing power structures and alliances posed by regional and potential global competitors such as Japan, India and China. Finally, in a contemporary world order full of uncertainty, much of it created either by or in conflict with the United States, the new challenge of rogue state or non-state actors and institutions will be a significant focus. The programme engages with a diversity of contemporary political topics and employs a diversity of materials and approaches in turn. Overall, we aim to ensure you are knowledgeable about contemporary political issues and can take this forward into employment, confidently utilising a variety of intellectual concepts and skills.

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    Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) - BA (Hons)
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    3 years
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