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Social Work - University of Suffolk

This is a very exciting time to study for your degree in Social Work with us. We have recently launched a new teaching partnership with Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils and the University of East Anglia. The initiative will enhance the quality of your studies, bringing innovative approaches to learning, as well as even more opportunities for practical experience. The BA (Hons) Social Work degree programme has been approved by the Health and Care Professions Council and endorsed by the College of Social Work. It provides a rigorous and challenging learning experience to prepare students at both a personal and professional level for the demanding requirements and expectations of social work. It prepares individuals to work in the public, private and voluntary social care sectors in posts which require accountable and effective professional skills. Social work can be active in seeking to influence and shape how organisations and governments view what can be described as ‘social’ problems. Social work is a developing profession in a changing world and the opportunities for personal development and advancement are considerable. Once qualified and registered, graduates may choose to work in a variety of interesting and rewarding settings in the statutory, voluntary, private or independent social care sectors. The traditional employers of social workers were local authorities and other public organisations such as NHS trusts in departments providing services for children or adults. Increasingly social workers are looking to the voluntary and private sector for career opportunities together with other initiatives such as the creation of social enterprises, whereby social workers set up their own company and contract for work.