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Nutrition & Human Health

BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Human Health applies scientific principles to the study of human interaction with food and how this affects human health. It includes the study of physiology, biochemistry and psychology. In addition to the analysis and enhancement of optimal nutrition for health, the course examines pathophysiology, nutrition for exercise and food science. Opportunities exist in a wide range of careers in nutrition and health in both the private and public sectors. Examples include advisers in the nutrition and health industry as nutritionists, health improvement scientists, nutrition research in many fields, laboratory research both food based and clinical, dietary and nutritional evaluation in the food industry, clinical or service sectors, charities concerned with public health and local education authorities. Additionally, the course prepares students for higher level study such as a PGCE (e.g. science teacher training), Master’s degree or PhD. On completion of this degree graduates will be able to apply to the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists to become a Registered Associate Nutritionist directly; this will allow them to carry the post-nominal letters "ANutr" alongside their BSc award.