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Childhood and Family Studies - University of Suffolk

The importance that society places on the related concepts of ‘childhood’ and ‘family’ makes them a topical and fascinating focus for academic study. It can also lead to a broad range of careers. We draw on different disciplines to explore academic perspectives, including sociology, psychology, social policy, health, education, politics and cultural studies. The programme builds on the University’s established history of delivering degrees in this field and its continuing place on the national stage as a leading provider of such programmes. As a graduate, you will be able to work with families and children of all ages through various career paths. These include education and welfare roles in statutory, private and voluntary sectors, and teaching at primary school level. Few subjects have more personal relevance or are more rewarding. ‘Childhood’ and ‘family’ are recognised as two of the basic components upon which contemporary societies are socially and economically organised, and are subjects about which we all have some direct experience. The course equips you with the knowledge and skills to work critically and effectively in the many domains in which children and families live their everyday lives and with the multiple services that seek to support them.