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Ancient History and Archaeology

Are you interested in studying ancient artefacts to learn about the influence ancient cultures have on modern society? Apply for the BA in Ancient History and Archaeology degree at the University of Southampton and develop archaeological and anthropological thought of the past. Study the landscapes and seascapes of Britain’s past to understand how it has developed over decades and discover human origins to gain an insight into how we have evolved. You will be given the opportunity to use cutting edge technology through this combined bachelor’s degree to develop research and archival skills, preparing you for further study in a postgraduate degree or moving on to a subject related career. Graduates from the Ancient History and Archaeology BA degree have gained employment in heritage management, museums or archaeological research. This BA programme harnesses the complementary strengths of Archaeology and Ancient History to transform our understanding of the past. In choosing this degree you will gain the opportunity to study and research to a high level, equipping yourself with specialist knowledge in your chosen areas of study. Archaeology and Ancient History at Southampton offers you the opportunity to learn in an engaging, supportive and highly successful research environment. Southampton’s Faculty of Humanities contains leading experts in an enormous range of fields (Archaeology, History, Language, Literature and Film), related to archaeology and the ancient world. From ancient Egypt to Minoan civilisation, from the conquests of Alexander the Great to the Roman empire, from Roman Britain to the ancient Americas and the Middle East, from ancient philosophy and the biblical world to the rise of Islam, studying Archaeology and Ancient History at Southampton affords you the chance to engage with topics about which you are already passionate, or to try something entirely new. This might mean application of cutting edge technology to discover and map new sites, or develop complimentary archival research skills. Whatever you choose, Archaeology and Ancient History at Southampton will enable you to gain invaluable skills and study topics about which both you and our staff are passionate.