University of Salford

151-200 th
Young University Rankings 2017
601–800 th
World University Rankings 2018
The Crescent, Salford, Greater Manchester, M5 4WT, United Kingdom

Computer Science with Web Development with Professional Experience

The reputation of a company can now be measured by the quality of its online presence, delivered in a way which is highly interactive (web applications rather than web sites). There is a requirement that web applications will be usable, accessible, secure, scalable, portable and maintainable. These things don’t happen by themselves, and industry needs skilled professionals who understand the whole problem and who can keep themselves up-to-date with new developments in a fast moving field. You will learn the foundations of computing, programming (Java, PHP, C#.NET), web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript), Linux, networking (TCP/IP), Databases (SQL) and system development . Strong foundations are vital because it will be easier to keep yourself up-to-date if you understand how things work. You will also learn the latest professional techniques and tools, such as web frameworks , web APIs, test driven development, HCI/ UX, agile methodology and design patterns . You will do group and individual projects addressing real world problems.Salford’s course is different to most, in that you will also learn key aspects of the field of cyber security, including penetration testing and information security management. Security skills are in very high demand in industry, and are a vital part of a web developer’s knowledge. On this course, you will have the opportunity to apply to spend a year in industry between the second and third year. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your CV and will give you the opportunity to apply your academic knowledge and interpersonal skills in a real-world environment, and to reflect on your own personal development and career choices. Successful completion of an industrial placement year, which you arrange with our support, will add 'with Professional Experience' to your degree title.